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Whether you are designing a new home or renovating the existing one, a high-quality roofing system is vital to protecting your home from the outside elements. When you are searching for reliable residential roofing near me services, Howard County Roofing – a residential roofing company Howard County, serves to be the best option out there.

Residential Roofing Companies

Hoco Roofing is one of the best residential roofing companies in Ellicott City, Maryland. We at Howard County Roofing provide a wide range of residential roofing solutions based on the unique requirements of your home. Whether you wish to protect your home’s roof from the harsh weather or simply enhance its aesthetic appeal, we can cater to your specific needs while being prompt and professional. We are committed to excellence and know how to fix any roofing concern that is bugging you and your family. If you are currently experiencing problems with your roof, please contact us for the best residential roofing services of residential roofing near you!

Residential Roofing Contractors

Right from new roof installation to roof repairs, maintenance, and replacement, we at HOCO Roofing provide all residential roofing solutions at the best prices.

We are backed by well-trained and experienced residential roofing contractors in Howard County who strive to deliver the best results to any roofing project.

Our team works with a great level of professionalism and dedication to ensure that you have a beautiful, strong roof over your head. Our comprehensive range of advanced residential roofing services includes:

Southern Maryland Roofing
  • Metal Roofing: Available in a wide range of styles and colors, the metal roofs that we install can last for a lifetime!
  • Tile Roofing: Tiles serve to be low-maintenance materials for residential roofing projects. You can choose our solutions for bespoke tile roofing installation services.
  • Shingle Roofing: Touted as one of the most common styles of residential roofing, you can trust us to deliver top-class shingle roofing installation & repair services.
  • Metal Shingle: Also referred to as “Matterhorn Metal Roofing,” this type of roofing solution is the best option for the houses that wish to implement contemporary designs for homes.
  • Flat Roofs: Our flat roofing solutions serve to be a unique & durable solution – serving as the best option to maximize the overall energy efficiency.

Roofing Materials

Why Choose Howard County Roofing for Roofing Materials?

At Howard County Roofing, our comprehensive roofing solutions are custom-made to meet the unique roofing requirements of the modern homeowners. We are one of the best residential roofing companies you can trust for your residential roofing repair. Choose the most durable roofing materials that you can choose for your house.

With over a decade of relevant expertise in the field of delivering world-class roofing solutions, we have garnered the respect of being a leading name in the roofing sector.

  • GAF, IKO StormShield or IKO Pro Shield, and Fire Stone Red Shield certified
  • Relevant experience of over a decade
  • Team of highly qualified and talented roofing experts or contractors
  • Installation of heavy-duty, reliable roofs featuring top-class roofing materials
  • Team of certified and professional roofers for delivering the best results
  • Wide range of roofing materials and styles to choose from
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