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Residential Roof Replacement Howard County

Are you dealing with a damaged or declining roof? Do you wish to improve the aesthetics and functional condition of your building’s roofing? Roof replacement Howard County is what you need to get rid of all your roofing woes.

A roof serves to be an important investment in your life. It helps in protecting the building and keeping your family safe from the harsh weather conditions. At the same time, a high-quality roof enhances the overall aesthetics of any property and adds to its resale value.

For most people, roof replacements appear to be an overwhelming and costly process. At Howard County Roofing, we aim at taking away all the hassles of a roof replacement project by making the entire process as quick & simple as possible. Be it a residential roof replacement or a commercial one, we can take charge and provide first-rate and affordable roof replacement services.

Our team of roofers is GAF certified and has covered hundreds of roof replacement projects in the Howard County MD, Elkridge MD, Columbia, Ellicott City areas, and surrounding counties including Baltimore County, Harford County, Montgomery County, and Frederick County.

Residential Roof Replacement

Signs that You Need Roof Replacement

Whether you opt for residential roof replacement or commercial roof replacement, there are potential signs you should look for beforehand that will let you know if you need a new roof. Here are some of the potential signs to look out for:

  • Aging: While most of the roofing materials out there in the market have an average lifespan of around 30-35 years, there are several factors that could hamper the overall durability while accelerating the process of aging. If your roof is over 20-25 years in age, it is recommended to reach out to our roofing experts right away.
  • Spotty or Bald Shingles: As the asphalt roof tends to age, its protective granules start washing off. Thus, your roof is left with a shabby, bald appearance throughout. In such instances, you should seek professional roof replacement solutions to avoid any further issues.
  • Dark Stains: Bacteria and airborne algae can lead to the formation of dark stains on the roof. While it might not necessarily impact the structural strength, it still becomes an unsightly experience. In such a case, you can reach out to our professional roof replacement experts.
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Roof Replacement

Our Comprehensive Process

When you hire roof replacement solutions from HOCO Roofing, you can get access to a step-by-step process toward ensuring the best results.

  • Roof Inspection: Our expert team quickly analyzes or inspects the roof to determine whether or not it requires replacement.
  • Roofing Material Selection: In case the property requires professional roof replacement Howard County solutions, we assist our clients in making the topmost selection of the right roofing materials.
  • Final Scheduling & Pricing: Depending on your individual needs and roofing requirements, our team can help you with deciding on the final scheduling as well as the pricing aspect of the roofing project.
  • Roof Removal: It is an important stage of roof replacement services in which our seasoned experts remove the old roof to install the new roofing material. Once the old roof is removed, we also check for the underlying deck boards to analyze any repairs.
  • Sub-Roofing & New Roofing Installation: Both the processes are carried out meticulously by our professional roofing contractors to deliver the best results.
  • Clean UP & Warranty: Once the new roofing material has been carefully installed in your property, we perform the thorough clean-up of the area while providing reliable warranty assurance at the same time.

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Our professional roofing team aims at completing the entire set of roof replacement projects as fast as possible to reduce the overhead on our clients. 

To know more about our residential roof replacement services, contact us right away! Our team will be happy to assist you!